Building Management, call x5267; if no answer, call Circulation at x6501.

If unable to reach LBMG staff and issue needs attention ASAP (overflow, spill on floor, safety issue, etc.) call FMS at x6222 and inform LBMG by submitting ticket under Maintenance & Repairs.

Services (9)

Library Maintenance & Repairs

Report non-emergency issues with furniture, restrooms, doors, broken or malfunctioning equipment (other than computers), etc.

Routine Library Facility Projects

Request paint, new furniture or furniture moves, office moves, whiteboard or bulletin board installation, etc.

Library Collections Projects

Collections shifts; inventory projects; weeding & disposal of materials; special projects assigned to student employees.

Library Building & Room Access

Request keys or card access for the library.

Large Library Projects

Room remodels; carpet replacement; new spaces; installation of technology that requires changes to electrical or installation of new conduit.

Library Signage & Postings

Report problems with building signage; request or suggest new signage; manage requests to hang outside signage or posters in the library.

Library Student Personnel

New hires, position postings; evaluations; terminations; wage increases; Work Study requests; Budget planning.

Other Library Issues

Library issues not included in other categories; will be routed to the appropriate department.