In Cascade the title of the single page should be the only header 1 on that page. To add, headers should be organized in a hierarchical order.


All webpages must be hierarchically organized.

Screen readers often use a shortcut allowing users to view a list of all headings found on the page. The screen reader uses the heading code (H1-H6) to create this list. Some users also tab through the headings of a page. Heading codes used in the correct order will give an accurate "picture" of what is on the webpage. (Siteimprove, 2021)

Inserting headings in Cascade

When editing content, highlight the text that will be the heading then go to Format --> Formats --> Headings

inserting headers in Cascade


Campus Web Example

The title of the page will always be H1

web pages should only contain a single H1, webpages in the Campus web make the title of webpage the H1

Multiple H2 Headings can be present on the webpage

multiple h2 headers can be present but only a single h1

This example contains H1, H2, and H3 in a webpage 

This example contains an example of H1, H2, and H3 in a webpage 

Video correcting header order using Siteimprove



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