VMWare Windows 10 Setup (Personal PC)


Setting up VMWare on Windows 10 on a personal PC


Students can install VMWare Workstation 16.0 on Windows 10 PC for academic use. 

If you get an error stating “You do not appear to satisfy the conditions to receive this software license key” make sure that you are using the link from BrightSpace. If you do not use that link, you may experience issues when registering for VMWare.

Once a student has registered and created an account through the email sent by info@itacademy.brightspace.com (Email would be sent after requesting for VMware license through here) Login using the Student login button located on the VMWare DSL Brightspace homepage either through the email or here. Make sure to use your Registered Email as the Username. 

Once logged in, you should see that you have a course called "Software Products & License Keys" on your account home page. Click on the course and you should see a list of instructions. 

Click on the link in the 1st step that says "Software License Catalog". In the Catalog, you should see a list of all the licenses you can request, for this setup you would want to request a license for VMware Workstation 16 Pro. Once you click on the Request button click on the login button, you should then see a page that states the following: 

From here you will need to wait 12-24 hours before you can obtain an email with the requested License Key.


To start installing VMware Workstation Pro, click on the direct link from the Instruction page in the "Software Products & License Keys" course. 

On the Downloads page click on the "Download Now" link for Workstation 16 Pro for Windows to begin downloading the executable of the application.

Once the executable file has downloaded, start the executable and you should be prompted to following window: 

Click next to be asked to agree with the EULA (End-User License Agreement), Once you have accepted, click next


Specify where you would like to install the application files along with leaving the last option checked. 


It's suggested that you have the application check for updates upon system startup


Choose where to locate the application shortcut


From here you should be all set to install!


Once Installed you will be prompted to register the application using a License Key. If you were able to receive the license key after submitting the request then enter it here, otherwise start the free trial for 30 days.





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