Advisor Center Navigation Menu


Video Tutorial

screenshot of the video explaining how to navigate the advisor menu

Written Instructions

  1. Log in to the Advisor Center.
  2. Select “Dashboard” for the homepage view.
  3. Select “My Schedule” to view your course schedule (for faculty or faculty advisors only or if you are an advisor who is also enrolled in courses).
  4. Select “Faculty Center” to view the courses you teach in the classic view (for faculty or faculty advisors only).
  5. Select “Advisor Center” to view any designated advisees in the classic view (for staff advisors or faculty advisors only).
  6. Select “View Student Details” to view more information on the advisee.
  7. “Select “View Advisee” to view the same information from the Advisor Center but this will give you the option to “Act As” option for an advisee.
  8. Scroll to the bottom of the page to look up a student, not on the designated list.
  9. Select “Class Schedule” to view classes for each semester.
  10. You may use the back button on your browser or use the left-hand navigation menu to go to a previous page.
  11. This site is also device responsive, meaning it will fit the size of the smartphone or computer being used.



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