Recording Zoom Meetings & Embedding the Kaltura Recording into Blackboard

  • Faculty, staff, and students can record their Zoom meetings to the Zoom cloud by choosing the Record to Cloud option.
  • Zoom cloud recordings are located on but are only valid for for 30 days. 
  • Zoom cloud recordings are ALSO automatically transferred  to Kaltura,, Chico State's media server (similar to YouTube) for longer-term storage.
  • Instructors must manually embed the recordings into Blackboard Learn in order for students to see the recordings. 
    STUDENTS: If you do not see a recording posted in Blackboard, please contact your instructor directly. You can find contact info in blackboard.

To Start a Zoom Cloud Recording 

  1. To start your recording, select Record on the Zoom taskbar.
  2. Choose Record to the Cloud
  3. Enabling Cloud Recording (Students Only) 

    Important: Students must first enable cloud recording.

The recording will start processing once you end the recording and leave the meeting. 

To Access the Recording from Zoom (short term access only)

For instructions, see Accessing your recording from the Chico State Zoom Portal

Important: Please remember this recording will be deleted after 30 days. Do not post the Zoom link in Blackboard. Instead, embed your Kaltura version of the recording. 

To Access the Recording from Kaltura Media Server 

Navigate to to view your recording on Kaltura.

  • The transfer process from Zoom to Kaltura typically requires double the length of the recording, plus approximately 30 minutes.
  • If for some reason your recording does not transfer, please open a support ticket 
  • Once that process is complete, you can access your recording from or embed your Kaltura recording into Blackboard Learn. See below. 

If you want to make the recording available to the public outside of Blackboard Learn, you must make the video unlisted or public

To Embed Kaltura Media to Blackboard Learn 

Once students click play, there will be an option to view captions. These captions are automatically machine generated.  If you are not happy with the closed captions, you can correct them yourself, or create a Team Dynamics ticket to have the video corrected for you.  




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