Scheduling a Meeting from the Zoom Portal

All faculty, staff and students can schedule and host a Zoom meeting, provided that you have activated your CSU Chico Zoom account.

To schedule a meeting from the Chico State Zoom Portal:

  1. From your browser, go to your Zoom portal (

  2. From the left navigation menu, select Meetings.

  3. Select Schedule a New Meeting.

zoom meetings tab on Chico State Zoom portal

  1. Enter a name for your meeting topic. 

  2. Enter the date, time of day, and duration. The passcode is automatically generated. 

zoom meeting details for name, date, time and password

  1. Specify your preferred meeting options then scroll down and select Submit. 
    Generally speaking, Chico State staff can use the default options. 
    For a full list of meeting options, go to

zoom meeting options

  1. From here you can Add the Meeting to your calendar and invite attendees/ 

Zoom meeting summary



Zoom Plugin for Microsoft Outlook

Outlook Calendar users can schedule Zoom meetings directly from Outlook using a Zoom plugin:

If you do not already see the Zoom meeting options in Outlook, you can install the plugin:

  • On computers managed by ITSS, install the Zoom Plugin for Microsoft Outlook through Software Center
  • On personal computers, download the plugin installer from
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