Adding a Zoom Link to your Blackboard Learn Course (faculty)

By default, all Blackboard Learn courses contain a Zoom folder. This folder contains important information about Zoom support, recordings, and privacy, as well as a link to the Zoom integration where you schedule your meetings. The advantage to using the integration is that it provides a consistent way for students to access Zoom across their courses.  


  • If you are a brand new instructor, you must first activate your Chico Zoom account prior to adding the Zoom meeting to your course. 
  • Course copy will not work for Zoom meetings created using the integration. You must create a new Zoom meeting each semester. It just takes a minute. 

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Access the Zoom Integration from your Blackboard Learn Course

By default, all Blackboard Learn courses contain a Zoom folder.

This folder contains important information about Zoom support, recordings, and privacy, as well as a link to the Zoom integration where you schedule your meetings. 

  1. From your Blackboard Learn course menu, select Zoom
  2. Select the Zoom Meetings to link to open the Zoom integration.  

Zoom folder opened in Blackboard with arrow pointing to Zoom Meetings link

To Schedule a Weekly Live Zoom Class Meeting 

  1. Select Schedule a New Meeting.
    screenshot of Zoom interface with arrow pointing to Schedule a New Meeting

  2. Enter a Topic. For example, BIOL 100 Live Meeting

  3. From When select the date your first class starts. 

  4. Select the Duration of your class meeting. Don't worry, as the host of the meeting you can start and end it whenever you want. 

  5. Select Recurring meeting.

  6. You will typically select Weekly and enter the days the meeting takes place.

  7. Scroll down and select your desired options.  Note these are optional settings. 

    • Select Only authenticated users can join IF:

    • Select Record Meeting Automatically, IF you need to post a recording of the class session, and you feel you will forget to start the recording. 

Zoom meeting options with password selected

6. Select Save.

7. Select Start to finish creating the meeting and then students can access it. 

When students click on the meeting link from Blackboard Learn, the password is automatically appended to the meeting link.

Tip: Copy and Paste the Zoom Meeting ID and Numeric Passcode for Students Using the Mobile App or Phone Audio

Now that you have created Zoom meetings for your class and office hours, we recommend you copy/paste the meeting ID(s), passcode, and phone number for students in case they do not have a strong internet connection or need to use their mobile device. 
  1. From your course menu, select Zoom and then select the Zoom integration.
  2. Select the link to your meeting to open it.   
Screenshot of zoom meeting link with arrow pointing at zoom meeting link
  1. Select Copy the Invitation. 
screenshot of zoom meeting in zoom interface with arrow pointing at Copy the Invitation
  1. Scroll down and locate the numeric passcode. Note: it is important you provide the numeric passcode; not the alpha-numeric.
  2. Write the meeting ID and numeric passcode down. 
  3. Paste the information on your Zoom link or as an item beneath your Zoom link as a convenience to students. See example below

Determine how you want to set up your office hours

You can set up your office hours using the Zoom integration in Blackboard Learn. The advantage to doing this is that your office hours will display in the same area where your live class Zoom meeting displays. See the example below. However, please be aware that:

  • You must use your Zoom  Personal Meeting Room for this to work.

  • You must schedule the meeting as a recurring meeting with No Fixed Time in order to see Personal Meeting ID as an option.  You must start the meeting for them to join. 

If you are ok with those stipulations, then please refer to the instructions for Scheduling your Office Hours Using Your Personal Meeting Room

Alternatively, you can create a Zoom meeting on the Chico State Zoom outside of the integration, and display it as a web link elsewhere in the class. If you prefer this method, contact the Technology and Learning Program if you have any questions. 

Starting your Zoom Meeting from Bb Learn 

  1. Access your Bb Learn course and locate the folder containing your Zoom link.

  2. Select the Zoom link to bring up your Zoom meetings.

  3. Select Start next to the meeting for your course. 

Screenshot of Zoom meetings with arrow pointing to Start

  1. It will recognize you as the host of your meeting. 

  2. If prompted, select Join by Computer Audio. 
    How to Share your Audio and Video.

Screenshot of Join audio by computer

Important Information about Signing in to the Zoom Desktop Application (SSO) 

Even if you typically start Zoom from Blackboard Learn, or the Chico State portal, you should get in the habit of signing into Zoom from the desktop client application using SSO to ensure you have Host permissions and that someone else is not already logged in if you are on a classroom computer. 

Sharing Content, Polling, and Engaging Students

Check out the Zoom Knowledge Base for information on these topics and more. 

Recording Your Meeting & Embedding the Recording into Blackboard Learn 

  • Faculty can record their Zoom meetings to the Zoom cloud by choosing the Record to Cloud option.
  • Zoom cloud recordings are located on but are only valid for 30 days. 
  • Zoom cloud recordings are ALSO automatically transferred to Kaltura, Chico State's media server (similar to YouTube) for longer-term storage.
  • Instructors must manually embed the recordings into Blackboard Learn in order for students to see the recordings. 
  • Students often times are confused if they do not know where to find your recordings. Please communicate with them and post the recordings promptly.
  • Instructions for Recording your Meeting and Embedding the Recording into Blackboard Learn 
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