How to Print Double-Sided Pages (Mac)

Make sure that the MFP you are trying to print to has the appropriate drivers installed. 

If you see "Generic PostScript Printer" listed next to "Kind:" you will have to remove the printer and add it using the appropriate drivers

To do so: 

1.) Click the + 

2.) Search for the printer or scroll through the list

3.) Once located, select it and choose "Select Software..." 

4.) In the window that appears, search for the MFP model number or scroll through the list

Open the file you want to print once the printer has been reinstalled

Depending on the MFP in question, from the print menu

1.) Click "Copies & Pages" then scroll down and select "Printer Features" 


2.) Make sure you're in the "Finishing" section of the print features

3.) In "Print Style" select "2-sided printing"

Or, alternatively 

1.) Click "Copies & Pages" then scroll down to Finishing 

2.) Select 2-sided Printing from the menu 



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