Site Owner and Content Maintainer Guidelines

What is a site owner?

A site owner is the “appropriate administrator” in charge of a subsite (any site with a URL with the format of

How is a site owner determined?

Each campus website is associated with a department. The owner of the site is the most immediate MPP or department chair, as identified by an Insight "reports to" roll-up report. While Web Services can change the department ID associated with a particular campus website, we cannot change the reporting structure to add or remove administrators from assigned departments. 

What are the responsibilities of a site owner?

Site owners are responsible for the content within the site, including accessibility, security, adherence to university branding standards, and overall quality. More detailed information can be found in the Site-Owner and -Maintainer Agreement. They

  • Check Siteimprove reports on site status monthly
  • Regularly review site content
  • Authorize content maintainer access to the site
  • Ensure content maintainers complete necessary updates


What is a content maintainer?

A content maintainer is staff, faculty, or a student assistant appointed by a site owner to update content on a campus subsite using the Cascade web content management system.

How do content maintainers get access to Cascade?

The appropriate site owner can authorize a new site maintainer by submitting a Cascade Server access ticket to Web Services. All site maintainers must be trained in Cascade and web accessibility best practices before accessing the system.

What are the responsibilities of a content maintainer?

While site owners are ultimately responsible for the state of their campus web pages, content maintainers assist in making sure content is university related, accessible to all users, secure, of high quality, consistent with campus standards, and well organized. A site-maintainers agreement is given to everyone who completes Cascade training.

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