Correcting Clearpass Onguard Issues - Linux

Quarantined - AntiVirus Check

  • Antivirus is required to access the eduroam network for Linux devices.  
  • There maybe multiple antivirus software available for Linux, however, we recommend ClamAV.

Install any supported Antivirus application

*** The installation of ClamAV may require full internet connectivity.  If issues occur, ITSS can assist in getting this installed correctly while on campus or the steps can be completed while connected to off-campus networks.

1. Confirm the message below is shown. 

  • This is the only Clearpass Quarantine message that should be seen on Linux.
  • Contact ITSS in MLIB 142 or via phone 530-898-4357 if there is a different message.

Example of a quarantined Clearpass Agent requiring antivirus software.

2. To install ClamAV open a "terminal" window and enter "sudo apt-get install clamav clamtk".

Terminal window to install ClamAV antivirus

3. In the same terminal window, or new, update the ClamAV software. Enter "sudo freshclam".

Updating ClamAV via terminal

4. It can be found be searching for "clam"

Example of the ClamAV application icon.Example of the ClamAV user interface.

5. After a short time, Clearpass should update to "Healthy". If issues persist, please contact ITSS in MLIB 142 or via phone 530-898-4357

Clearpass Onguard reporting as healthy.

Removing ClamAV

If you need to remove ClamAV for any reason, open a terminal window and enter the following:

"sudo apt-get --purge remove clamav clamav-base clamav-daemon clamav-freshclam libclamav2"

Terminal window with the command to remove ClamAV


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