Installing Clearpass OnGuard on Ubuntu

Computer Requirements

  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS or 14.04 LTS (15.x/16.x NOT SUPPORTED)
  • Other versions of Linux are NOT supported by Clearpass OnGuard. See the getting connected page to access the network on other versions of Linux.

Installing Clearpass OnGuard

*** Currently there is a known issue when Clearpass Onguard is installed on Ubuntu 14.04 where you are unable to open the network settings after installation.  There is a one step work around upon completion of these steps to remediate this on this KB page.


***The installation of Clearpass Onguard may require full internet connectivity.  If issues occur, ITSS can assist in getting this installed correctly while on campus (via the csuchico-guest network or a physical cable connection) or the steps can be completed while connected to off-campus networks.

1. Ensure the system is up to date by opening "terminal" and downloading updates with the "sudo apt-get update" command.

2. Install the downloaded updates via terminal with the "sudo apt-get upgrade".

Installing the downloaded system updates for Linux.

Completed installation of Linux system updates.

3. Install the GKSU package required by Clearpass. Open terminal and enter the "sudo apt-get install gksu" command, enter "y" to continue.

Entering the command to install the necessary GKSU package.

4. Install the GDEBI package required by Clearpass. Open terminal and enter the "sudo get-apt install gdebi", enter "y" to continue.

Entering the command to install the necessary GDEBI package.

5.  Download the latest version of Clearpass on this page.

Image showing the Clearpass Onguard file download.

6. Unzip the downloaded item to a known location and run the "clearpass-onguard-installer-x.x.x-ubuntu-x86_64".

Extracting the downloaded Clearpass Onguard filesImage showing the Clearpass Onguard installer.

7. The install will begin, select "Next".

Installing Clearpass Onguard initial screen.


8. Continue through the installer.  It should complete successfully. See the previous package installations if errors occur.

Clearpass Onguard successful installation.

9. Login to the Clearpass application using your Chico State credentials.

Entering Chico State username and password for Clearpass Onguard.


10. Confirm Clearpass is connected and reporting as "Healthy"If it shows up as "Quarantined" see the "Resolving Clearpass Issues" page.

Clearpass Onguard displaying a "Healthy" health status.

Clearpass Onguard displaying a "Quarantined" health status.

Removing Clearpass Onguard

1. Open a "terminal" window and enter the following command: "sudo apt-get purge clearpass-onguard".

Select "y" to continue.

Removing Clearpass Onguard from the computer

Clearpass Onguard should now be removed.


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