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What is Casper?

Casper allows ITSS to inventory hardware and software on state owned Apple machines on campus, as well as enable the ITSS service desk to remotely connect to computers to provide support. Software inventory helps to know when software is out of date. Components of Casper can help silently update this software, promoting better system health and less down time for you.

Enrollment in Casper Services for Apple computers is a mandatory component for access to campus resources. 

Casper is for Apple computers only. PCs are already managed by SCCM 2012 and may disregard this message.

Key features of Casper:

  • Hardware and Software inventory: Provides an inventory of a computer’s hardware and software currently installed. This allows us to make sure everyone’s machines are updated and current to comply with campus information security policies.
  • Remote assistance: Allows select members of ITSS to remotely share a computer’s screen. When this occurs during normal support tasks, you will be prompted to allow an ITSS employee to connect and view your screen. No employee will be able to view the screen without your knowledge.
  • Software Distribution: Through Casper’s Self Service portal, an app named Self Service in /Applications, you can install a variety of campus licensed software, such as Office, Adobe Acrobat, others. Open Self Service and Explore the Software section.

How do I install Applications from Self Service?

Open the Self Service App in /Applications

Find the Self Service app in the Application folder

Log in to Self Service with your CSU Chico username and password.

When Self Service first opens, it has fields for your CSU, Chico username and password.

Filter by Category

Categories buttons on the left allow you to filter for content, or use the Search box at the very top of the app.

Next to the Install butto is the "i" button for more info.

An info button next to the install button provides access to more info

The action button displays progress

When the action button (such as install) changes when clicked to show the various steps such as Downloading, Executing and Done, and then changes to the action that occurs if repeated (such as Reinstall.)

See your current and recent activity.

An Activity tab is available to show available updates, and recent history.

Log out, if you choose.

If you have selected Remember Me and change your mind, you can Select Log Out from the button with your Name on it.


If you are running an older macOS (10.9 or earlier) you'll not see the upgraded Self Service.

We really should upgrade your system, so contact us.

But here's what the older version looks like.

Log in to Self Service with your CSU Chico username and password.

Select a category to see what options are available to you. Here is an example of the Software category.

To install an application or use a tool, click the button that says Install.

The Info icon will usually give a little more information about the installation.

To cancel the installation, click the x in the upper right corner of the box (which is sometimes partly obscured) or click in the darkened area of the Self Service app. Click the Install button to proceed with installation.

A status bar at the top of the app while show the progress of the installation. When complete, it returns to the idle icon.

How Do I get Casper?

First verify if you need to be enrolled. Go to your "Applications" folder and look for an app called “Self Service.” If you have this app, you are already enrolled in Casper.

Installing Casper

If you do not have it, Casper can be installed by going to http://www.csuchico.edu/itss/casper, logging in with your CSU Chico username/password and then clicking the download button. This will download a file called chico-casper-enroll.pkg Run this file and once it finishes installing you are done. If your security preferences do not at first allow you to open the installer, right-click or control-click the installer and choose Open, and then confirm you want to open it.

Additional information

Upon enrollment Casper will make a few changes. For most users, nothing will change as these settings are usually already in place.

If you have an Antivirus installed, uninstall it immediately before, or immediately after enrollment is complete, as we install System Center Endpoint Protection, which can conflict with other anti virus products.

What we set with Casper:

  • All automatic updates for macOS are enabled.
  • Disable remote management / Remote login / screen sharing.
  • Login window will display username / password field only.
  • If McAfee Antivirus is installed, it is uninstalled (campus no longer holds this license.)
  • System Center Endpoint Protection is installed (the current campus antivirus)
  • Identity Finder will be installed.
  • Where known security vulnerabilities in Oracle Java plugin and Adobe Flash Player, are discovered, these will be updated.

If you have any concerns with Casper or the settings it will change, please contact ITSS.

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