Supported Hardware (Minimum Specs)

The following specifications have been determined to be the minimally acceptable levels for computing and printing hardware at CSU Chico for the academic year 2019-20. Any service or support we are asked to provide for computing equipment below these levels (hardware, applications, and operating system) will be serviced and supported as resources are available, will be provided on a "best-effort" basis, and will require an E-CAF or Chartfield for any needed parts.

Minimum desktop specifications as of October 2020

  Processor Memory Operating System Typical Minimum Model
Windows PC Intel Core i3 4GB Windows 10 Optiplex 3070 or Latitude 5X10
Apple Intel Core i3 4GB macOS X 10.15 Intel-Based

Campus Models No Longer Fully Supported:

  • For PC, any system that does not support the current version of Windows 10 with the current hardware drivers.
  • For Apple, any system that does not support the current or previous two versions of macOS (10.13 High Sierra, 10.14 Mojave, or 10.15 Catalina).

Important Out of Warranty Repair Information:

Non-charged departments:

Parts and materials charges apply for all out of warranty desktops and laptops, including supported Dell and Apple desktops and laptops.

Charged departments:

Time and materials charges apply, whether the equipment is supported or unsupported, in warranty or out.

Unsupported Hardware:

Any repair/troubleshooting/service on unsupported hardware regardless of warranty status will be performed on a "best-effort" basis. It is very possible that older hardware cannot be repaired in a cost-effective manner. In this case, new hardware will be required.
In some cases, we may have surplus equipment that can be furnished at low or no cost to departments to replace extremely outdated equipment.

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