Saving content and Collections in LinkedIn Learning

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See here for LinkedIn Learning help page about creating collections:

  1. Saving Content
  2. Using Collections

Saving Content

You can save courses or videos you're interested in by clicking the Save icon. The Save icon can be found in a few places:

Below any course recommended on your LinkedIn Learning homepage.

Linkedin Learning homepage.


To the right of a course title in your LinkedIn Learning search results list.

List of Linkedin Learning courses. The save button is highlighted. 


Above the video on any course page.

Inside a Linkedin Learning course. The save button is highlighted.


Or to the left of a video title in the Contents tab of a course.

Inside a linkedin learning course. Next to a video, the save button is highlighted.

Accessing Saved Content

You can access your saved courses from the Saved page. To access the Saved page:

1. Click your photo in the upper right corner of your LinkedIn Learning homepage.

Linkedin Learning home page. The user menu is highlighted.

2. Click Saved.

Linkedin Learning "My Learning" page. The "Saved" tab is highlighted.


Linkedin Learning saved items collection.

Using Collections

Collections are an easy way to organize courses and videos you'd like to review later. You can create as many collections as you'd like, around topics or themes that fit your learning needs. Each collection can be expanded, edited, and updated as you meet or change your learning goals.

You can access your collections from the Collections page. To access the Collections page:

1. Click your photo in the upper right corner of your LinkedIn Learning homepage.

2. Click Collections.


To create a new collection:

  1. From the Collections page, click Create New Collection.
  2. Enter a title and an optional description.
  3. Click Create.


Adding to Collections

After saving courses and videos, you will be able to add your saved content to a collection using one of the following methods:

From the Saved page, locate the content you want to add and click Add to Collection.

Saved resources collection. The "Add to collection" button is highlighted


If you are within a course, you can click Add to my content after clicking the Save button.  

Inside a linkedin learning course. The "Add to my content" button is highlighted


After clicking Add to Collection, a dialogue box will appear with a list of your collections. You can add the video or course to an existing collection, or you can create a new collection using the Create new collection option at the bottom of the box. 

A list of collections. The "Create new collection" button is highlighted.


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