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Sharing Collections on LinkedIn Learning

To share a collection on LinkedIn Learning first click your profile drop down menu, which is located in the top right hand corner of the screen.  Then, choose the Collections option.  


Find the Collection you would like shared and click the Share option associated with that Collection.


A window prompted will provide a link to the Collection and give options on who can view the Collection.  The options are to make the Collection accessible to everyone on LinkedIn Learning worldwide, only to users within your organization (Chico State), and only to yourself.  If you are planning on sharing a collection with users within Chico State we recommend you use the "Share with: California State University, Chico" option.

Once you're ready click Copy.  Now you'll be able to paste a link to the Collection where you please.  

Creating a permanent link to a course

If you have a link to a course:

With one small adjustment, the link will log in users automatically:

Make sure that ?u=57692737&auth=true is added to the end of the URL. If the ?u=57692737 part is already there, you can just add &auth=true.


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