Chromebook - Chrome OS Eduroam Setup

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Getting Connected to eduroam - Chromebook

1. Connect to the csuchico network and navigate to any webpage (Or go directly to and go to Step 3).

2. It should redirect to the page below: Select "SET ME UP".

Eduroam information page with link for set up.

3. Click "Install" to be directed to the Chrome Web Store to install the JoinNow MultiOS Chrome extension.

Screenshot of Chrome extension installation window

4. Select "Add to Chrome" to insall the JoinNow MultiOS web extension.

Screenshot of the JoinNow Chrome Web Store page.

5. A popup window will appear. Click "Add Extension".

Screenshot of the Add Extension popup window.

6. You can now close the Chrome Web Store tab and return to your original setup tab. Click "Sign In" to be redirected to the Chico State login page. Enter your Portal username and password and click "Login".

Screenshot of the Sign In redirect setup page.

Screenshot of the Chico State login page.

7. You will be then redirected back to the setup page. Click "Download" to download the wireless configuration ONC file. 

Screenshot of the Download setup page.

8. Once the file is downloaded, a new tab will be opened in your web browser. Click the new tab and click the "Choose File" button.

Screenshot of Chrome Settings page.

9. A new window will open. Navigate to your Downloads folder and select the SecureW2.onc file.

Screenshot of the SecureW2.onc file.

10. It will appear like nothing has happened, but the wireless configuration has been loaded. You can now connect to the eduroam network. Click the Settings menu in the bottom right of your screen and click the arrow under the wireless smbol to display the available wireless networks. 

Screenshot of the settings menu in Chrome OS.

11. Select the eduroam network to open a new popup window. 

Screenshot of the wireless networks menu.

12. The new popup window will display the network settings configured by the SecureW2.onc file. Click "Connect" to connect to the network.

Screenshot of the eduroam wireless network settings.


Forgetting the csuchico wireless network

It is recommended to forget the csuchico network so your ChromeBook will not automatically connect to it after setting up the eduroam network.

1. Go back into your wireless setting by clicking the settings menu in the bottom right of your screen and clicking the arrow under the WiFi icon.

Screenshot of the settings menu in Chrome OS.

2. Click the gear icon to go to your wireless network settings.

Screenshot of the network menu.

3. Click the arrow on the right side of the Wi-Fi network to display all known networks.

Screenshot of the Network settings.4. Click the arrow on the right side of the csuchico wireless network to display the csuchico network settings.

Screenshot of the Known Networks menu.

5. Click "Forget" to forget the csuchico network.

Screenshot of the csuchico network settings.



On some ChromeOS devices, you may need to manually adjust the new "eduroam" wireless profile to connect correctly.


1. Tap the magnifying glass key on your keyboard to launch the "Search" feature and type "Settings" in the field. Select the blue "Settings" gear icon

2. Select "Network" on the left, and then "Wi-Fi" from the menu on the right

3. In the "Wi-Fi" menu, select the arrow to the right of the "eduroam" profile

4. With the "eduroam" profile selected, click the "Configure" button

5. In the dropdown field for "EAP method" please select "EAP-TLS"

6. In the dropdown field for "Server CA Certificate" please select "Default"

7. In the text field for "Identity" please make sure to use your full and correct CSU Chico issued email address

8. Select "Save" at the bottom right and you should be done!

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