Installing/Removing Clearpass OnGuard on Windows

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Installing Clearpass Onguard 

1. Download the Clearpass OnGuard client for Windows: ClearPassOnGuardInstall.exe

2. Double click on the .exe file and open it up.

3. When the installer window opens up, select your language and then click OK.

Selecting the Clearpass Onguard installer language.

4. The next window is the introduction to the Clearpass OnGuard setup, go ahead and click Next

Installing Clearpass Onguard intital screen.

5. After clicking Next, you'll see the end user license agreement. Read it and if you accept, check the I Accept box and then click Install.

Accepting the terms of use for Clearpass Onguard

6. After installing, a window will pop up letting you know that the installation has finished. Make sure that you check the box that says Run Clearpass and then click Finish.

Completing the installation of Clearpass Onguard

After installation has completed ClearPass OnGuard will prompt for your credentials. Enter your Username and Password and click OK.

VPN USERS ONLY: **Clearpass Onguard will NOT connect or prompt for password until the VPN is connected.***

Entering Chico State credentials to login.

Removing Clearpass Onguard

You can remove the application via "Add and Remove Programs", however, below is the recommended steps.

1. . Navigate to the Clearpass Onguard folder. 

Open the "Windows explorer" (or "My Computer") and open the "C:" drive, 

Open "Program Files", then "Aruba Networks", then "ClearPassOnGuard".

Navigating to the Clearpass Uninstaller application

2. Run the "uninst" application and follow the steps to completely remove Clearpass.

Removing Clearpass Onguard by running the uninstaller

Example of completed removal of ClearpassOnguard

Troubleshooting/Known Issues Clearpass Onguard

If unable to resolve issues, have unreported issues, or would like assistance please contact ITSS (530-898-4357) or visit in person in MLIB 142

VPN USERS: **Clearpass Onguard will NOT connect or prompt for password until the VPN is connected.***

    Please visit the"Correcting Clearpass Onguard Issues" if removal is unsuccessful or if Clearpass is stuck "Initializing".
  1. Please review the "Known Issues"  page for further issues.   
  2. A list of supported antivirus software can be found here.
  3. Confirm Clearpass Onguard is running version 6.5.1 or above. CURRENT VERSION IS 6.6.8. (Versions 6.5.0 and before will quarantine with erroneous errors.)
    •  Open the application by searching for Clearpass Onguard in the search menu, or double clicking the tray icon.Searching for the Clearpass Onguard applicationOpening Clearpass Onguard via the tray icon.
    •  Review the top of the application or open the Diagnostics tab and confirm the version is 6.5.1 or above. If it is not, please reinstall Clearpass Onguard.Confirming the Clearpass Onguard version



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