Windows & Surface Pro Wireless Setup

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Network Requirements

  • Antivirus software running real time protection (such as Windows Security) is highly recommended.
  • Patching must be enabled.

Getting Connected to Eduroam

1. Connect to the "csuchico" wireless network.

2. Open a web browser (i.e. Safari, Chrome, Firefox) and navigate to any website, it should redirect you to the page below (If not, enter the URL and proceed to step 4).

3. Select "SET ME UP". 

4. Confirm the correct operating system has been chosen and select "Join Now" or use the drop down menu and select the correct operating system. NOTE: Surface Pro's will use the Windows 8.1 installer.

5. When prompted, select "Save" to download the "WiFi_California_State_University_Chico_Wrapper.exe" installer package.

5a. If you are not prompted, you may have to manually download the installer by clicking on "here" on the "Loading" page.

Alert box "If you see Missing or Inactive Plug-in message below, click link below to download installer manually".

6. To launch the installer, select "Run" after the download completes

7. The installer is now running, select "Next" to continue.

8. After selecting "Next" a new browser window will automatically open to Please enter your Chico State Username and Password (portal/blackboard) and select “Login”.

9. Please wait while your device is configured for "eduroam"

9a. Depending on your version of Windows, you may see one or more Security Warnings and will be prompted to accept one or more certificates. Select "Yes" to continue.

10. Once the configuration process is complete, you will be connected to "eduroam." Select "Done" to close the program.

You should now be connected to the eduroam network with internet access.


Removing eduroam 

1. Open the "Add or Remove Programs" window via control panel (or by searching for it).

Open "Add or remove programs".

2. Select the "SecureW2 Enterprise Client" program and select "Uninstall".

Add or remove programs menu selecting "Secure W2 Enterprise Client" and then "Uninstall/Change".

3. After a few moments it should disappear, and the network configuration for eduroam will be removed.



We have found that certain combinations of browser settings and add-ons designed to block advertising or cookies can disrupt the configuration and login process. If you are having issues with the installer please check or try the following:

  • A different web browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

  • Temporarily disable or uninstall browser add-ons that may effect viewing websites (Adblock Plus, NoScript, etc)

  • Check your browser to make sure that it is set to accept cookies as they are required for the login process. (You can turn them back off later if you so choose) 



Please do not leave the comment section blank! Provide constructive feedback to make this page better. Further inquiries can be forwarded to ITSS in Meriam Library 142, or via phone (530)898-4357.

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