macOS Wireless Setup

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Network Requirements

  • macOS (10.13.6 and above) devices must configure for the eduroam network to gain full internet access on campus.
  • An administrative account to install software.
  • Patching must be enabled.

Getting Connected to Eduroam 

1. Connect to the "csuchico" wireless network.

2. Open a web browser (i.e. Safari, Chrome, Firefox) and navigate to any website, it should redirect to the page below. If not, enter the URL

Select "SET ME UP"

3. Confirm the chosen operating system is correct and select "Join Now". It will download the proper installer.

4. Locate the "Eduroam_TLS_JoinNow.dmg" in your Downloads folder and click it to start the process.

5. Double click the "Eduroam_TLS_JoinNow.dmg" file to continue the installation.

6. Depending on the security settings of the computer, a warning may or may not pop up.  Select "Open".

7. At this point, the SecureW2 JoinNow application will start. Selecting "Next" to continue will launch a web browser window and prompt you to sign-in.

8. After selecting “Next” above, a browser window will automatically open to Please enter your Chico State Username and Password (portal/blackboard) and select “Login”.

9. Depending on the security settings of your device, you may now need to give the SecureW2 JoinNow application permission to make chages to your system. Please enter your system credentials and select "OK." Remember, this is the User Name and Password for your Computer, and may be different from your Chico State credentials.

11. The SecureW2 JoinNow Application will now configure your device to connect to "eduroam" Wi-Fi. Please wait as this may take a few moments.

12. Depending on your system settings, there will be several more security prompts  These are the computers login credentials NOT Chico State. Please be sure to select "Always Allow" in order to suppress future prompts. 

13. The installation successfully completes when it is "Joined..". Select "Done"

If there problems connecting with the steps above, delete the "Eduroam_TLS_JoinNow.dmg" file from your Downloads folder, RESTART the computer and try again.



1. While running SecureW2 Wrapper, the browser would prompt with "Don't allow" and "OK" permission to allow access.

a) If "OK" is selected, the CSUChico credentials page is shown, the end-user is authenticated and control will switch back to SecureW2 client with "Next" button enabled for successful enrollment of certificate.

b) On selecting "Don't Allow", the control back to SecureW2 client would fail and the certificate enrollment will not be successful. On successive attempts, by closing the browser and running SecureW2 wrapper, prompt will not appear.

If "Don't Allow" is clicked by any chance, end-user has to manually enable the prompt again on browser by following below steps: 

On the macOS device, Goto --> System Preference -->Security & Privacy --> Privacy tab -->Automation --> Manually check (enable) the browser.

Removing eduroam

1. Open the "System Preferences".

Apple logo in upper left hand corner of screen and then select "System Preferences...".

2. Select the "Profiles" icon.

System Preferences main menu with "Profiles" selected.

3. Select the "eduroam mobileconfig" and the minus "-" symbol at the bottom of the page.

Select "eduroam mobileconfig" in left column and then "-" at the bottom of the screen.

4. Confirm the correct profile is being removed and select "Remove".

Alert box "Are you sure that you want to remove the profile "eduroam mobileconfig"?" Select "Remove".


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