Mac - Not Printing/Adding Network Printer

Macs sometimes have issues connecting to Networked Printers when there is a space in the name of the queue (e.g. ITSS Color Laser vs. ITSS_Color_Laser).  One way to fix this is to manually add the printer instead of searching for it; however, you will need to know the exact name of the queue you are trying to add.

Open up System Preferences and go to Printers & Scanners. 


Check the exact name of the printer by selecting the "Default Printer" drop down.

Find which printer you are looking for and write down the exact name (e.g. itss color laser)

Then click the “+” sign to add a printer and select “Add Printer or Scanner”.



In the top toolbar, right click.  A menu will appear, select Customize Toolbar.


Drag the gear icon for Advanced into your toolbar and select done.


Then click Advanced.


In the first drop down menu for Type, select the last option : “Windows printer via spoolss”




In the URL field, type smb://

After, type the exact name of your printer with %20 in place of any spaces in the name.  This does not include any hyphens or underscores, just spaces.

For example: smb://

In the field "Use" select a driver (any driver is fine, or you can add the specific driver based on the model of your printer by choosing “select software”).

Select "Add" to add the printer and print a page to test it out.

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