How to Use Quality Assurance Reports to Fix Broken Links

How to Use Quality Assurance Reports to Fix Broken Links (video) 

Watch Video - How to Fix Broken Links With the Quality Assurance Report (opens in new window)

Video Notes

  • 6:07 - broken links in PDFs
  • 6:55 - pages with misspellings

How to Fix Broken Links

Watch the tutorial video for best results.

Basic Steps

  1. Find the Pages with Broken Links section of the QA report.
  2. Jump to page using the CMS button.
  3. Fix the broken links.
  4. Publish your page.
  5. Test the page manually.

Refresh Your Report Later

Siteimprove scans the campus web automatically at monthly intervals.That means you may have fixed all broken links on a page, and your Siteimprove report will still show errors unless a recrawl is forced. Don’t wait for Siteimprove to get it right, test the page yourself!

About the Reports

The reports are generated from Siteimprove, the web analytics software used by Chico State, and are sent every month. We chose as the sender of the reports since Jose is the primary contact for questions related to Siteimprove.

Reports You Should Be Receiving

  1. Site Maintainer Quality Assurance Report
  2. Site Maintainer Accessibility Report
  3. Standard Analytics Report

Why Haven't I Received Any Reports?

Your reports may be landing in the Clutter email folder or something similar. Double check the clutter or spam areas to be certain you have not received any reports.

Who to Contact

Contact Jose Diaz at if you have any questions related to monthly website reports or Siteimprove.

We Need Your Help!

We do our best at Web Services to maintain the quality of the campus web, but the truth is, we don’t have enough people to quality check every page on campus. We rely on site maintainers to keep an eye on their sites so that together we can build a campus web we all want to use.

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