MFP Isn't Providing Copy/Print Options - Mac

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Occasionally, connecting to the MFP with the Generic Post Script driver will not provide you the various options that are available with your MFP.  To resolve the issue, connect to the MFP and select the appropriate driver based on the model of your MFP (e.g. Canon IR-ADV C33320/3330, etc.).

Open System Preferences and select "Printers & Scanners".


Add your printer by selecting the "+" at the bottom left of the printer list.  Then search for your MFP.

Once you select the printer, you will need to change the driver.  Click on "Choose a Driver" in the "Use:" field.  Scroll down and select "Select Software".

Once you see a list of drivers, search for your model.  You can search by just the number or by as much information as you have.  Campus models include: C3330, C3325, C5250, C250, C350.

Select ok, and continue with adding the MFP to your list of printers.  This specific driver will allow you to print utilizing all the functions of your MFP.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please create a ticket for MFP Support and include your MFP's model and the RMC ID number. 


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Fri 9/14/18 11:15 AM
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