Scanning at a High Resolution (MFP)

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This issue is due to the document being too large to send as a .pdf from the Ray Morgan MFP Copiers.   We suggest trying to send the document with different file types, such as .jpeg to still obtain a high quality scan as one file.

Log into the MFP and select “Scan and Send”.

Select your destination – yourself or someone else’s email address.

Change the two settings: “dpi” & “file format”

  • These two settings will most likely show the default selection as the setting (below).

    • Defaults are:

      • DPI – “300 x 300 dpi”

      • File format -  “PDF (Compact)"

For DPI, change the setting to your preferred resolution.  The highest resolution option is 600 x 600.

For the File Format, change it from PDF to another type.  JPEG works well.

Click send or the “GO” button.




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