What is Network Access Control (NAC)?

Network Access Control (NAC) is a networking solution that controls how computers connect to the campus network. Computers that do not meet the security requirements of NAC will not be allowed to connect to the campus network.

The university is using a product called ClearPass OnGuard that checks that your computer meets the requirements of NAC and manages access to the network.

What are the Requirements of NAC?

The security requirements of NAC are relatively simple. Only computers that meet the following requirements will be allowed access to the campus network:

  • Running a supported operating system (Windows 7+, Mac OS 10.8+)
  • Automatic system updates enabled
  • Anti-virus program installed with live protection enabled (Supported programs)

Computers running Windows XP or older versions of the Mac OS will not be able to access the campus network.

Mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and others, will not be affected by NAC.

Why do we Need NAC?

The purpose of NAC is to prevent computers that lack antivirus, current updates, or intrusion prevention software from accessing the campus network and placing other computers at risk of cross-contamination from worms and viruses that can permanently harm your computer and computers across the network.

Who will NAC Affect and When?

NAC will be implemented in three phases, but ultimately will affect every computer that connects to the campus network.

  • Phase 1: VPN users - March 2015
  • Phase 2: Wireless users - June 2015

Refer to the NAC Calendar for exact dates.

How do I Check that my Computer is Ready for NAC?

To ensure that you can successfully connect to the network prior to the implementation of NAC, install the ClearPass OnGuard agent and run the software. You can download ClearPass OnGuard for Windows here, or for Macs here.

Note: If you have a university-owned PC or Macintosh that is registered with SCCM or Casper, the NAC requirements are automatically managed for you.

How do I Correct Issues that ClearPass OnGuard Found?

Information on correcting issues identified by ClearPass OnGuard can be found here.


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