Email Header and Footer Dimensions

The recommended specs for email headers are 700px wide at 96dpi resolution in .png or .jpg format. Save the file with a name containing only numbers, letters, underscores plus the file extension (ie. .png). Do not use any spaces, other periods, or special characters.

To upload the file:
1. In TargetX Builder -> Campaign Builder -> Templates, when editing a template, select the header section or create a new section you wish to contain the new image.
2. On the right-side under Content tab, click the "Manage Images" button to navigate to the Classic view Documents mangement page.
3. Under "Recent Documents" click the "New" button
4. Under Document Name, type a name unique to the system which will be used to reference the file when you later add it to an email template. Prepend the name with your department's acronym such as "ADMS-" for Admissions.
5. Choose a shared/public folder to save it in such as "Admissions" or "Email Image Library" and NOT "My Personal Documents"
6. Check the box for "Externally Available Image" (This is necessary).
7. Upload the file and click "Save"

Now the image will be available within the TargetX Builder.

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