Proofing Checklist for Site Owners and Maintainers

When you receive a new website or your department or Web Services make significant changes to your existing site, it is critical that you prove it before it goes live. As site owners and maintainers, you are ultimately responsive for the quality of your website and the content within it. 

Your draft site will be on a development link, at You must be on the campus network or logged into VPN to view it.

Here are some hints for doing a thorough site proof:

  • Do an overall visual proof. (Does the site look right? Check headings, margins, sidebars, photos, etc.)
  • Review every page for missing information or areas that need to be edited down for length.
  • Check that page titles and section headings are properly labeled. (See Naming Your Site for more details.)
  • Proof footer and office information.
  • Proof for typos, spelling, capitalization, and grammar issues, making sure all content is in University Style. (See University Writing Style for more details.)
  • Check all links from sidebar navigation, sidebar announcements, buttons, links to PDFs, and hypertext within body text areas.
  • Make certain that digital content (videos, PDFs, etc.) complies with ATI standards. Look for any PDFs, Docs or attachments that need remediation.
  • Check that photos and images have well-written alt tags.

Let us know if you have any edits or if this is approved for publishing live. If you do have edits, we ask that you:

  • E-mail all the edits at once rather than piecemeal.
  • Include the URL of the page to which you are referring.
  • Aim to get edits or approval back to us within 2 weeks.

Remember that after the site is live you can do small edits yourself! Sign up for Cascade Training 3.0 for Site Maintainers.

After your final approval, we'll let you know when it's ready to go live.

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