How to Make Spelling Decisions in Siteimprove

Double-check spellings against vendor sites and the Meriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary (use first reference spelling) before adding to the Siteimprove dictionary or ignoring sitewide.

Adding to dictionary

Use this option to add names, terms, technical jargon, and products that are common to our campus— ie., Turnitin—after making absolutely sure you have the reference correct, including capitalization.

Ignore on all pages

Use this for nonstandard uses and irregular abbreviations that nevertheless appear on multiple pages (ex., DeptID#).

Ignore on page

For the odd cases that are unlikely to appear anywhere else--or that we may want flagged somewhere else (ex., a nonstandard spelling of a common name, examples of actual misspellings used in a style guide).

Making spelling decisions in Siteimprove requires "user" access. If you have questions about dictionary access or other Siteimprove issues, please submit a Siteimprove ticket.

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