Accessibility Best Practices for Content in the Web

Avoid creating generic link text.

  • Make your links descriptive. Do not use the following as link text:
    • Read more
    • For more information
    • Click here
    • Do not use URLs as links
  • Links need to let the user know what they are clicking on. Use more description like:
    • Read more on The Turner print gallery 
    • For more information on the Student Research Scholarship application
    • Find information on the volunteer event this weekend

Do not underline "important content" best practice is to make bold, only links are underlined.

  • Keeping consistency is a key factor of accessibility. Only links are underlined. Underlining text that are not links can confuse users.

Create links for phone number so mobile users can easily call for information.

  • In Cascade highlight the phone number as if you were creating a link in the "Insert/edit link" pop up menu select Link Source External and in the Link type tel:530-898-xxxx
  • Note, always use the full phone number, not only the extension when writing in the web.Cascade 3.0 pop up menu example on how to link a telephone number using tel: in the link field

Links leading to the same destination in the same page must have the same link text and links leading to different URLs' must have different link text. 

  • An example where this applies is when creating links to multiple email address in a single page. Across the webpage multiple link text "Email" are written with different email addresses, creating an accessibility issue. Users might not know the difference if they are not somehow explained. Best practice is if the destination URL is not the same, make sure the links can be distinguished by their link text.

Embed videos must have a "title" tag.

  • Title tags are read by screen readers so the user can know what the video is titled.

    Steps for adding a title tag.
  1. In the edit view in Cascade, enter the source code.
    Cascade 8 edit view, entering the source code.
  2. In the source code editor once you insert your embed code add the title="" tag.
    adding the title tag in the source code editor in Cascade 8 WCMS
  3. Click "OK" and save your edits. Done
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