Running Identity Finder (For Home Use, Mac)

To download the Identity Finder installer to your home desktop (Mac users), click here

Once the Identity Finder installer is downloaded , double click the file to begin the installation. 

1) Choose Continue

2) Choose the disk to install Identity Finder to (i.e. Macintosh HD), then choose Continue

3) Once the installation is complete, choose Close

Launching the Identity Finder Application for the First Time

Identity Finder is easy to use.  To get started choose the Spyglass in the upper right of your screen, and type Identity Finder, then Enter

Creating an Identity Finder Profile

When you first launch the Identity Finder application, you will be prompted to set a profile password.  You will need to remember this password in order to access your saved searches in the future (including results marked as false-positives).

NOTE: Profile passwords cannot be recovered.  In the event that a profile password is lost, the existing profile must be replaced with a new profile; meaning that previous scan results will be lost.  See instructions here for instructions on how to re-create your Identity Finder profile.

Starting a Search

Choosing Documents in the menu drop menu is recommended for Identity Finder to limit a search to files saved within your documents folder only.  You will also be prompted to choose which types of information to look for while an Identity Finder search is underway.  Examples are shown below for what types of information is generally included in a search.

Choose Search once the File Location and data types are selected.

Note: Choosing to scan your entire computer may take several hours to complete.

NOTE: Running a search on any system for the first time can take several hours.  You can continue to work while Identity Finder searches your computer, but it may slow your computer’s performance.  You may prefer to begin the scan at the end of the day and allow it run overnight. 

Identity Finder will begin searching for all identity matches.  A Status Window will display to show the current progress of the scan.

When Identity Finder finishes scanning, you will see the screen below. Click OK to be taken directly to your search results.

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