Set Screen Lock - Android

This article will cover how to add a lock screen to your Android Devices, so that a password is required each time you unlock the phone 
*NOTE: This article was created using stock Android 10 on a Pixel device.  Screens and menus may vary depending on your device manufacturer and Android Version*

Step 1:From your home screen, open the notifications tray, then select the 'Settings' gear.

Open notification tray with settings gear in bottom right corner


Step 2: Scroll down and select  the Security option

Settings menu with security option circled


Step 3: Under the heading Device Security, select Screen Lock.

Security Menu with Screen Lock button Circled two thirds down the page


Step 4: Select which type of password you would like to use:

Choose screnn lock menu with none, swipe, pattern, pin, and password options

  • None - Disables any previously set screen unlock security.
  • Swipe - Sets an unlock screen, but does NOT require a passcode on any type
  • Pattern - Sets an unlock screen which requires the user to draw a specific pattern between 9 on-screen points. 
  • PIN - Sets an unlock screen requiring the user to enter a numeric code.
  • Password - Sets an unlock screen that requires entering an alphanumeric password (numbers, letters, and symbols).


Step 5: For each option you will be asked to enter your Pattern/Pin/Password twice in order to verify the setting.

*NOTE:  To change or remove your lock screen security in the future you will be required to input the password you set*

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