Blackboard Learn FAQ (students)

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1. I can't log into Blackboard Learn.

You can log into Blackboard Learn by using your Chico Credentials or by logging into the Portal and clicking the link for "Blackboard." If you're still unable to access Blackboard learn, contact ITSS for help. 

2. My course list is incorrect.

To change the courses you see listed in Blackboard, find the section titled My Bb Learn Courses, click the settings gear, and select the courses you wish to view from the list. Click Submit to save and your selected courses should now appear under My Bb Learn Courses. If you cannot see all your enrolled courses in Blackboard Learn, contact ITSS for help.

3. How can I change my Learn notification settings?

Blackboard Learn uses notification icons to let you know when there is new content in any of your Learn courses. You can change the settings used for these notifications by selecting Settings from the drop-down menu in the top right corner, and clicking Edit notification settings.

4. I want to access Blackboard from my phone, tablet, or other mobile devices.

The Bb Student app is available through the Play Store for Android or through App Store for iOS devices.  We recommend that students do not take exams on mobile devices, since some questions may not appear correctly. 

5. I cannot see a specific quiz, assignment, or learning module in my Blackboard Learn course content.

This is usually set by the course instructor. Instructors can restrict access and "hide" modules from view. Sometimes, access to certain modules is dependent on the completion of another module (i.e. Quiz #2 might not be available until Quiz #1 is complete). If you are unable to view a module, contact your instructor and find out if the content has restricted viewing policies. 

6. I need a quiz or assignment reopened for submission.

The course instructor has the ability to reopen or extend the due date for an assignment or quiz. If you need a submission reopened or extended, contact the professor of the course. Extending the due date or reopening the quiz or assignment will be up to the instructor's discretion.

7. I was in the middle of taking a test or quiz in Blackboard Learn and I lost all my progress.

If something happened while you were completing an assignment or taking an exam in Learn, contact your professor immediately. Keep a record of what happened. If you think that there is a technical problem with Learn or with your computer, contact IT Support Services, and we will do our best to assist you. You can also open a ticket by clicking on the grey support button within Blackboard Learn.

8. What is the difference between Email and Messages in Blackboard Learn?

Messages are a course-specific communication tool. That means that they exist solely within the confines of the course you are creating the message in. Email uses Exchange. It will forward a copy of the email to your inbox and the recipient's inbox. 

9. I sent an email to my professor in Learn.

Blackboard Learn does not keep a copy of sent emails. When you send an email, you will receive a copy in your Chico State email inbox.  

10. I can't open a document in my Learn course.

Most documents in Blackboard Learn are Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF files. A compatible program that can open these files must be installed on your computer in order to open the documents. Word is part of the Microsoft Office suite, which can be downloaded from this link. Adobe Reader is free and can be used to view PDF documents. You can download the newest version of Adobe Reader here. If you are still unable to open the files, please contact your professor. 

11. I can't play a video in my Learn course.

There may be a problem with the web browser you are using. You can try clearing your browser cache to resolve this issue. Another option is to try saving the video and renaming it from .RV to .RAM, and then open it with RealPlayer. If you are still having issues, please contact your professor. 

12. The course menu for my class disappeared.

You can click on the blue bar to the right of the course menu to reveal it. In some cases, this bar might not be visible if you use Internet Explorer. Try hovering your mouse cursor over the area to the right of the course menu. If the bar does not appear, you may want to try using a different web browser (such as Firefox or Google Chrome). 

13. I get an error message when I click on the link to Blackboard Learn.

There may be a problem with the web browser you are using. You can try clearing your web browser's cache, or you may want to try using a different web browser (such as Firefox or Google Chrome). 

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