Installing UniFLOW Client on MacOS

This knowledge article is directed towards our internal technicians. Uniflow can be installed and automatically setup on MacOS directly through self-service. Once installed and rebooted, Uniflow will startup automatically. The remain information on this article retains to installing and setting up Uniflow manually on MacOS. 


The Mac must be bound to the domain ""

This will require an ITSS technician to bind the machine to the domain.

The User must have an account established with Print Services for the Office Copier Program - MFPs

Submit a ticket with ITSS to have an account set up

Install and Configure Uniflow Client

1. Install the Uniflow Client via Self-Service (more info on Self Service: )
2. Once it is done downloading, navigate to the "/Applications/Uniflow" folder
3. Launch the MacClient from the app icon in this folder. By double clicking on it, it will silently launch and be open in your task bar (on the upper right corner of your home screen)
4. Click on the UniFLOW MacClient heading, select Preferences. Configure as the figure below shows.
     a. Check only Popup for every Job;
     b. For UniFLOW Server enter: mfp-printers:8000
     c. Save and close

Uniflow Login Window.
5. Quit Uniflow Client, and then relaunch. You should see your user name as UniFLOW user and "mfp-printers:8000" as UniFLOW server:

Screenshot of the uniflow Mac menu.

Install UniFLOW client as a login item.

1. Open System Preferences/Accounts and select the Login Items tab.
2. Select the "+" to add an item
3. Browse to "/Applications/Uniflow/MacClient" and Add
4. Select the check box next to "MacClient" to hide on startup, if desired.

Screenshot of the accounts menu.

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