Setting Program as Default Program in Windows 10


Windows 10

In the search bar next to the start icon type in "Default App Settings" and then click on the "Default app settings" item:

If the default application you are trying to change is one of these categories: Email, Maps, Music Player, Photo Viewer, Video player, or Web Browser you can select that item and then select the program you'd like to switch your default to, and then you're done. Otherwise continue on to the next step of these instructions.

Scroll down until you see "Choose default apps by file type", then click on "Choose default apps by file type":

Scroll down the alphabetized list until you see the file type that you are wanting to change the default for. In this example we are changing the default program for the PDF file type: Scroll down until you see ".pdf" on the left. Click on the button/icon to the right of the ".pdf" section:

In the menu that appears select the application you would like to set as your default application for this file type:

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