Collecting Clearpass Onguard Logs for Troubleshooting

Collecting Clearpass Onguard Logs

Logs only need to be collected in specific circumstances. Usually ITSS will request the logs when necessary. 


1. Open the Clearpass Onguard application and select the "Send Logs" button.

Selecting the send logs button to open the logs.


2. If a mail client is configured, it should open in a Window with the logs compressed in a zip file for sending.  

An example of the email client being configured to send logs


3. If a mail client is NOT configured, it may prompt informing users, select "OK" if any pop up.

Example of prompt if email client is not configured to send the logs.Example of a prompt that may occur if email clients are not configured to send logs


4. It may then prompt asking to send manually, select "yes". It will then take you to the file in the image in step 5.

Prompt to select "OK" to send the logs manually


5. The logs are always available by navigating to the "C:\ProgramData>Aruba Networks>ClearpassOnGuard" folder. Send the latest log file that starts with"ClearPassOnGuard" (The ProgramData folder is hidden by default but typing the path open the folder in windows explorer).

Folder containing the Clearpass Onguard logs


1. Open the Clearpass Onguard application and select the "Send Logs" button.

Selecting the send logs button


2. Select send, if no mail client is configured it may prompt informing of this issue.

Sending the logs to the correct recipient or closing the windows


3. Close out any Windows that may be open and select the "Go" button on the top bar and select "Go to folder".

Navigating to the folder with the logs.


4. Enter the path by replacing the "USERNAME" with the current logged in user.

Entering the full path to the Clearpass Onguard logs


5. Select the latest .tar file and send it to the proper recipient via flashdrive or web based mail.

Selecting the .tar file to send via flashdrive or web based mail.


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