Backing Up Bookmarks

Prior to having your computer serviced, you may wish to export your bookmarks for re-import later.

In previous times, technicians have tried to manually copy or use an auto-migration tool. We discovered that this sometimes led to migrating malicious extensions that may have been the cause for the service in the first place.

The quickest and simplest way to make sure your bookmarks/favorites are backed up for Chrome users is to simply sign in to Chrome:

This way all your history, bookmarks, and extensions are synced across all devices and sessions.  You may use any Gmail associated email address. Personal Gmail or accounts will work.

To note, this is NOT the same as signing into Gmail/Google. You are signing in to the Chrome Browser itself. On your new or refreshed system, simply sign back in to Chrome and your bookmarks and extensions will auto-populate.


Firefox has a similar (not quite as elegant) solution:


If you do not wish to use an account to sync your stuff, you may manually export your bookmarks/favorites using the following methods:



Internet Explorer

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