Importing TeamDynamix Articles into Impact

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Some TeamDynamix (TDX) articles are good candidates for display in the Impact Support Center within Canvas. Instructure Impact provides in-context communication and knowledge base tools to allow IT to take action effectively and communicate with individual and groups of users during their actual application usage. Impact allows integrating resources from various knowledge bases and websites into one support center that provides context-sensitive guidance to users in the LMS, providing just-in-time support resources where people need it most.

This article provides instructions for manually importing a TeamDynamix article into Impact and tagging the article for reporting purposes.

Access Impact

  1. From your browser, access
  2. Sign in. You must have access. Send a ticket to

Access Support Center

  1. From Impact, select Support
  2. Select Manage Articles
  3. Select Create New, then select Import External

impact support center

Import External TD Article into Impact

  1. From TeamDynamix, locate the article you want to import. Generally they are in the Learning Technologies category.  But you really just need the link to the article. 
  2. Copy and paste the title and URL of the TD article into the Impact article URL field as shown below. 
  3. In the "ID(s) you'd like to select" field, paste the following:
  4. Assign to users: Student (User Category), Instructor (User Category), or All.
    highlights around areas of TD that you need to customize
  5. Connect to Context (leave blank for now) [ask Alex if you think the article should be suggested on a specific Canvas page]
  6. Add to Support Center Category [ask Marjorie]
  7. Add to the TeamDynamix (TDX) support center category
  8. Tags 
  9. Keywords are especially important since the content of the article is not indexed. 
  10. Save and publish

Tag the TeamDynamix Article for Reporting

  1. From TeamDynamix, edit the article you just imported into Impact.
  2. Select HTML editor (Source).
  3. On the Quick Links <p> tag, add the has-impact class to ensure the code is hidden to users but legible in reports (it's not strictly important that it's on this tag, but it should appear somewhere in the document).
  4. Save
<p><strong>Quick Links</strong>...</p>


<p class="has-impact"><strong>Quick Links</strong>...</p>

To View Imported TeamDynamix Articles in Impact

  1. From your browser, access
  2. Select Filters and Add a Filter.
  3. Search for Category TeamDyanmix. 

 Searching in Impact Manage Articles


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