Migrating Files from OneNote

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In early Summer 2023, Chico State will begin decommissioning the current @temp.csuchico.edu Microsoft "rogue" tenant with a preference toward the @csuchico.edu Microsoft accounts. Before this decommission begins, Chico State @temp users need to migrate any files they wish to keep. This guide should walk you through moving the OneNote notebooks from one account to another. 

For moving other files (Word, PowerPoint, etc.) please see the article here: https://support.csuchico.edu/TDClient/1984/Portal/KB/ArticleDet?ID=113475

Please note: OneNote transfers must be done on a PC. This process will not work on a Mac. If you do not have a PC available, please visit ITSS or use a Meriam Library computer.

Installing the OneNote Application

If you have not done so already, make sure that you have installed the OneNote application. If you have previously installed Microsoft Office, you probably already have the app. 

If you don't you can use this link to download the application: https://www.onenote.com/download

Export the @temp Notebook

Once you have OneNote installed, sign in with your @temp.csuchico.edu account.

If you are already signed into your @csuchico.edu account, you may have to go to File > Add Account to add the @temp.csuchico.edu account. 

Note: Your @temp.csuchico.edu account may have a different password than your current Chico State Portal password. You should be able to reset this password on your own. 

Sign into @temp.csuchico.edu

From the @temp.csuchico.edu account, open the notebook. Select File, then Export. Make sure you select the whole Notebook, not just the one page or section

You will want to make sure it is exporting as a .onepkg type. Click Export and choose a file location (Desktop, Documents, etc.).

Export OneNote Package

Importing the Notebook to @csuchico.edu 

Once you have exported the @temp notebook, sign out of OneNote by navigating to File > Account > Switch Account. Sign in with your current Chico State email address and Portal password. 

Sign into @csuchico.edu

Navigate to the saved location for the OneNote Notebook that you just exported, then double-click on the file. You will get a pop-up about unpacking the notebook. Make sure that the "Path" is going to OneDrive - California State University Chico. 

Select Create and you should now see the notebook. 

Unpack Notebook


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