Submitting Assignments to Blackboard Learn

There are two methods for submitting to a Blackboard Assignment

Note: If your instructor uses Turnitin for assignment, please refer to this video.

Attach files such as Word, PDF, etc. Please do NOT attach video files

Text Submission: Using the Blackboard Learn Content Editor 

Content editor with arrows pointing to Expand button shown with three dots and the Add Content button shown with a +

  1. Select … to expand the Content Editor. 
  2. Select + to add multimedia content such as images, Kaltura Video and YouTube video.

Blackboard learn content editor buttons are highlighted.

Adding Kaltura Video to an Assignment, Discussion, Blog or Journal

Please, do NOT add video to Blackboard as File Attachments. Upload video to Kaltura, Chico State's streaming media server (similar to YouTube) and then bring it into Blackboard.

Submitting to a Turnitin Assignment in Blackboard Learn



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