Faculty: Make Pronto Available in Blackboard Learn

To make Pronto available in your Blackboard Learn Course

1. Log in to your BbLearn course

2. Select "Pronto" from the course menu, then

3. Select the Pronto tool link.  This will open the Pronto app within your Blackboard page, enabling you and all of your students to use Pronto within your course.

Pronto highlighted on course menu

NOTE: It can take up to 24 hours for Pronto to load and populate your class roster- don't be alarmed by the following screen.  All you have to do is wait!

Pronto welcome message


Blackboard Learn Groups & Pronto

NOTE: If you created groups in your Blackboard course prior to launching Pronto for the first time, those groups will be created in pronto automatically.

  • There is typically a 24 hour delay before Blackboard Learn groups show up in Pronto.
  • The instructor will not see the groups on Pronto unless the instructor is also a member of the group.
    • From the Add Users window, select "Show all users regardless of role" checkbox when adding yourself as a group member if you are the instructor. 

NOTE: If you created groups in Pronto using the "+" buttonyou will automatically be a member of those groups, and able to see all student messages.  These groups will not appear in your Blackboard course.

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