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When I get a Direct (private) Message (DM) from someone, is there any easy way to see at a glance what class they're from? 

A: Tap on the user's name so that you can see the groups in common. See image below.

Is there a way to invite other people to join a group who aren't registered in our classes?  How about someone not at Chico State? 

This is licensed software for Chico State only

If the “group” Pronto created was based on a Bb Learn roster, then it can only be synchronized with that same roster. No additions outside the class can be made to the chat group. However, if the group was created inside Pronto, then additions can be made to other Chico State users.


If someone joins the class late, will they be automatically added to my Pronto roster?



Announcements: How do they work?

Pronto Announcements - a one-way message to the whole course from the professor.

The best way to send messages to everyone in your class is by sending a chat message to the group. This will allow responses from your students to your message.


Can students “reply” only to the professor rather then the entire class?

The whole chat group will see the reply to any original chat message sent to the group.

If students want a more “private” chat, they must use Direct Message to the faculty or other student.


Can I change my name in the app as the way I prefer students call me?  It looks like in my profile, it's locked.

Not within the actual app. At Chico State, Pronto uses the profile information from Bb Learn integration. If you can change your name in Bb Learn, which is done via the Chico State Account Center, then yes. Contact ITSS for more information. 


I have added Pronto to Blackboard and downloaded the app but it doesn't recognize at login, Why? 

Make sure that when you enable Pronto in your Bb course that you click through the Pronto button to get to the Pronto screen to make sure it completed the installation.


Just tried to download Pronto and CSUC doesn’t recognize my email!  

Did you add Pronto to your Bb Course and then click on the Pronto icon to bring up the chat conversation? This initializes the app for your course.


Does the school have to be using Pronto? I’d like to use it with my Chico State classes as well as my Butte College classes.  

Yes, Butte would need to work with Pronto to use the tool for their LMS (Canvas) environment.

More than 50 CCCs are using Pronto


Can students see messages that were sent before they joined the group? 



Are we able to pull from 

Yes, and GoogleDrive, Dropbox, iCloud, etc...


If I don’t personally use Pronto, but make it available on Blackboard, will students be able to use the app to communicate amongst themselves? 



Am I able to message once my BBL is set-up and synced with my phone or do I need to wait for my students to enroll in groups? It shows there are participants within the app - are these folks able to see messages at this time? 

Your students don’t need to do anything in order to be enrolled in these groups. So once you enabled Pronto in your course, make sure to let your students know so you can all start chatting.


I have 150 students in a course....will all of their photo circles show up below if they all see it?

Only 15 at a time are seen.


Does the green circle below the avatar icon indicate the user is online?

Yes. “Presence status”


Do the Tasks sync to the calendar in BB? 

No the integration isn’t that deeply connected to Bb


If I am assigning groups, will I automatically be a part of that group? Meaning, will I see all of the chat happening? It depends…

Faculty are always included in the texting from the Bb Learn Course, 

But if groups are created in that Bb Course, you aren’t in that group unless you include yourself.

If you create a new group in the Pronto app, then you are the group owner and you will be included.

You can “hide” the group from your “drawer” if you do not want to see it. 


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