How Can I Remove Older Attempts from Needs Grading in Blackboard?

The Situation

An instructor who allows students to submit multiple attempts for assignments must enter a score in order to remove the attempt from Needs Grading. 

The Expectation

Instructors may have students submit errant attempts (such as forgetting to attach a file), or a draft version of the assignment. In the case of the errant attempt, the instructor may just want to remove it from Needs Grading; for draft version of an assignment, the instructor may want to comment on the draft, but not necessarily enter a score. 

Blackboard Learn's method

Blackboard Learn provides a couple of different methods for removing previous attempts from Needs Grading.

Grade a draft attempt:

1) From Needs Grading, click on the student attempt for grading. 

2) You could enter 0 or other score and include formative feedback to the student in the Feedback area.


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