Viewing Exam & Quiz Feedback in Blackboard

After a quiz or exam has been graded, students may view instructor feedback using one of several methods. 

Viewing Feedback Through the  ‘My Grades’ Tool

  1. As a student, navigate to the ‘My Grades’ tool. Locate the graded exam.  If overall feedback was given, a blue speech bubble will appear beside the score.  Clicking this will show a pop up window containing the written feedback. 

Blue Speech Ball is highlighted to display feedback.


Feedback within Blue Speech bubble is displayed "Great Job, it's obvious you studied well."

NOTE: The speech bubble will only appear if the instructor has given overall feedback. If no overall feedback was given, the speech bubble will not appear.


  1. To view per-question feedback, select the exam title

Exam Title desired is highlighted to display per-question feedback.

  1. Then select the blue score number under calculated grade

Blue score number within Calculated Grade is highlighted.

  1. Instructor comments will appear on relevant questions under ‘Response Feedback’.

Response feedback is highlighted within the question selected.

Viewing Feedback Through the Graded Quiz or Exam


  1. As a student, locate the exam within your course that you wish to view feedback of. (This will be the same place you had taken it.) 


NOTE: The exam must still be made available to students by the instructor in order for students to use this method.


  1. Enter the Exam, and select Begin.  Assuming you have already taken the exam, select View All Attempts in the next window.  


View all Attempts is highlighted on selected Exam.


  1. After this point the menus and steps are identical to step 3 onwards from the previous method.

IMPORTANT:  To allow students to see feedback, the option must first be enabled by the instructor in the Test Options.  
The Feedback option is selected by the instructor within test options.


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