Cross-listed (combined) Blackboard course FAQ

I teach a cross-listed (combined) course - will that work in Bb Learn?

  • Yes, cross-listed courses do work under Bb Learn. You must specify the combined or cross-listed courses in PeopleSoft with your department's Administrative Support Coordinator, preferably prior to the start of the semester to minimize the possibility of any content or data loss due to late combinations.

I want to have different due dates for my different courses in a Common Learning Environment. Is that possible?

  • No. Common Learning Environments replicate the exact same content over each section in the Common Learning Environment. If you want to have different due dates or content in different sections, you’ll need to have those sections split out of the Common Learning Environment. 

How do I get my courses merged in Blackboard?

  • Contact your department’s Administrative Support Coordinator. The ASC needs to specify that the course is a Common Learning Environment in the course catalog. Does your ASC need help? Have them contact for PeopleSoft training.
  • Here is some background information on the process: Streamlining Course Management in Blackboard Learn 

What happens if I want my courses split?

  • Make a full and complete backup of your course. For example, copy it into an empty prep area. Next, contact your department Administrative Support Coordinator and ask them to split your sections out of the Common Learning Environment. This will delete all of the content in your course. After the sections are split, you can begin building content in the courses again.


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