Using Student Preview Mode in Blackboard

About Student Preview

After you have prepared an assignment, created a set of groups, or set a test availability exception, use the Student Preview function to verify its working, and submit for grading. Student Preview also enables you to view graded work using the My Grades function.

Note: Student Preview does not work for Turnitin Assignments. You can post the following resources in your course if you use Turnitin. 

To enter Student Preview:

  1. From the upper-right corner of Blackboard :Learn, select Enter Student Preview.

  2. Notice a yellow bar across the top indicating you are in student preview mode.

Arrow pointing to circle icon to enter student preview function on the upper right of screen


To Keep the Preview User and Grade Data:

We recommend keeping the preview user and data. This way, you can submit as a true, "fake" student. The student will be called [your name]_previewuser in your grade book. For example, mkshepard_previewuser


  1. From the yellow, Student Preview bar, select Settings. 

  2. Choose Do Not Ask Again check box, and Keep the preview user radio button

  3. Save. 

Settings are highlighted to enter Student Preview Settings.


Go Full Circle

How that you have chosen to keep your Student Preview data:

  • In student preview mode, try submitting to the assignment; accessing the group, etc. 

  • As an instructor, go ahead and grade the work from your preview user. 

  • Finally, check out your feedback in My Grades.


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