Use Kaltura to Record Webcam & Embed in Blackboard Learn (student)

This tutorial shows how to access Kaltura Media to record a webcam video and add it to a blog, discussion, assignment, or journal in Blackboard Learn. 

Watch this 3 minute video: Record your webcam using Kaltura and embed into Blackboard Learn. 

Access My Media from Blackboard Learn Home

1. From your Blackboard Learn home page, select My Media. (If you do not see it, scroll down to the bottom of your screen. You can move the module up). 

The advantage of going to My Media is that it also enables you to delete older, unused videos, edit, publish as unlisted, etc. 

2. From My Media, select Add New > Webcam Recorder

My Media > Add New > Webcam

You may be asked to Allow Kaltura access to the camera and microphone. This will allow the user to record from a Webcam.You may also need to change settings icon to select which camera and microphone to record from.​​​​ 

3. Select Record when ready. A three second countdown will be given. 

4. When done with recording, select Stop.

5. Select Use This or record again.

use this


6. Enter a more user friendly name and then select Save.

name and save

Embed your Video in a Blackboard Learn Assignment / Discussion / Blog / Journal 

  1. From your Blackboard Learn course, locate the assignment, discussion etc where you want to embed your video.
  2. Locate the Content Editor where you normally type your information. Note: If this is an assignment, you need to select Write Submission. 
  3. From the Blackboard Learn content editor select +, then under Add Content > Kaltura Media
    Note: Some instructors may want you to choose Kaltura Media Submission if they want a final version of your media.
If you can't see the plus icon click the three dots located on the top right which expands the toolbar. 

Blackboard learn content editor with arrows pointing to expand and add content buttons 

kaltura embed

4. Select Embed

5. If you are posting to an assignment make sure to hit the Submit button.



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