How to Create People Pages

Example of People page

People pages live in the People folder in Cascade 

- the "people" folder can be renamed. Example: "team" or "about". This is not always necessary but is added to the article for reference. Please ask for advice before renaming folders since many URLs can be broken when doing so.

Steps to create

Cascade Login

1. Go to Add Content --> Pages --> Person Page

2. Add the person's content and Publish page.

3. Publish the /people/index page to update the listing page (person/index page is considered the listing page). When removing or adding a new person page the people/index page also needs to be published to update the listing page.

Editing the index page

The title of the index page can be changed but the page should not be renamed from index.

Content can also be added to the index page.

Deleting Pages 

Is best to delete pages since the Cascade trash bin is the archive. Screencast of the Cascade trash bin.

Video on how to create People pages using Cascade

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