Compatible Antivirus Software with Clearpass Onguard

Compatibility Information

The lists below contain antivirus software that is compatible with Clearpass Onguard and comes from the vendor.

We recommend Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows and Avira for Mac OSX

The full lists of supported antivirus software is below, however, Clearpass only test the following antivirus software in their labs.

- Avast, AVG, COMODO, Kaspersky(IS-11+), McAfee, Microsoft Security Essentials, Sohpos (9+) and Trend Micro.

*Newer or older versions from the antivirus application lists may or may not be compatible. We are not able to test all the applications, therefore, please contact ITSS if there are issues regarding these antivirus applications and Clearpass.



*** Mac OS 10.10 and older are not supported by Avira. Avast and AVG are free options that support older versions of Mac OS.  Please contact ITSS for access to install these applications.

See the uploaded Supported Mac AV PDF file.



See the uploaded Supported Windows AV PDF file.



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