Microsoft Azure/Project for Students

To use Microsoft Project on a Mac, you will first have to set up a virtual machine running Windows 10. Here's a link with more information: 

Follow the instructions listed below if you already have a virtual machine running Windows 10 installed on your Mac.

To install Microsoft Project on a PC, you will have to create a Microsoft Azure for Students account. 

Navigate to

Click Sign In. For your user name, remove the ‘mail’ from your email address. (For example: becomes

azure sign in

Click “Activate Now” to  create your Azure account. Enter the required information to sign up.

Once you’re signed in, click Software and search for Project

azure software link

Select one of the options and click download. Keep this page open because you will need the license key later. 

Locate the .iso file in File Explorer once it finishes downloading 

Right click and select "Mount"


Once mounted, click "Setup" to install Project. Make sure you close all Office products before continuing 

Open Project when it finishes installing. Go back to the page you downloaded the installation file and click "View Key." Copy the key and paste it when prompted. 


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