Anatomy of a Blackboard course ID

Here is an example Blackboard course ID: 202-BIOL102-03-3963

This course ID is composed of several parts, each of which corresponds to data from PeopleSoft.

Parts of course ID 202-BIOL102-03-3963
Item Text Notes
Term 202 3 digit term code. 202 is Spring 2020.
Subject BIOL 4 letter subject code. BIOL is Biology.
Course level 102 3 digit course level, sometimes has a letter appended.
Section number 03 2-3 digit section number.
Class number 3963 4 digit class number.

Common learning environments

Some Blackboard shells are combined into a "common learning environment" which creates a single parent shell where content can be kept in one place for multiple classes.

A common learning environment course ID will have an "X" appended to the term code, such as 202X-BIOL102-03-3963.


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