Unified Messaging Outlook Client Installation on Mac & PC

Mac Setup

No device setup is necessary with Mac computers. Once your request is processed, you will start to receive email messages with .wav audio files attached for all voicemail messages.

Installing the UM client for PC

1. Verify no other programs are running.

2. Locate the AVST Unified Messaging Client 8.7.3 in the campus Software Center. Highlight the client and click the INSTALL button at the bottom of the page.

  • The installation process is complete when the install button changes to “Uninstall”.

Configuring your workstation.

1. In Outlook, Click on “Connection Manager” in the AVST portion of the Home tab

2. Complete the Telephony Server Login page:

Server address: (This is the campus UM (voicemail) server.)

Mailbox: Your voice mailbox number (this is typically your campus extension)

Password: Your voicemail password

3. Click OK to close

Configure the Unified Messaging Connection Manager

1. Enter your campus phone extension (4-digit)

2. Click OK.

3. Restart your computer.



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